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Why You NEED a Chuckit! Launcher

Brand: Chuckit!

Product: Chuckit! Classic Launcher, Sport Launcher, or Pro Launcher

Price: Varies by store, but only $5.49 on chewy.com!

Where to Purchase: Click here to find where it is stocked near you or you can go to chewy.com or Amazon

You can't tell me this isn't the cutest, happiest little face?! The look of a Chuckit! obsessed pooch.

Why You Need This: My dogs are ADDICTED and I bet yours will be too! The launcher makes it super effortless to throw the ball even farther than you would be able to without it, making for a much more fun game of fetch. If you have a smaller dog, then maybe you arm is able to throw the ball far enough for them, but for Ziggy and Riley, who are both very fast and active dogs, my wimpy throw just doesn't cut it. The dogs are tired out in 15 minutes yet still always want more!

Other Features: The launchers come in a variety of handle lengths and ball sizes to perfectly fit your hand, your dog's size, and how far you want the ball to go. Here's a helpful chart so you can choose the launcher that is perfect for you:

You can also purchase additional balls that fit in the launcher that will go farther, make noise as they travel through the air, or float in the water! Click here to see a list of their launcher compatible balls.

Cons: Not much. Only thing worth noting is that if you have a dog that is an aggressive chewer, it's best to store the launcher in a place where your dog can't get it - we have already gone through one or two of these because we left it out in the yard and Riley chewed it up the next time we let her out.

**Not sponsored or an ad, just want to share my opinion with you guys!**

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