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The Best DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Dog!

Last minute is my middle name - I don't think a single year has gone by where I wasn't running around the day before Halloween trying to find a costume for Ziggy! Lucky for you, we've got last minute, easy, and low cost dog costumes down to a science:

1. A Mummy - a Halloween classic. You can use a roll of white gauze or tear up an old towel or sheet - for an extra spooky look, use a red marker to add some "blood".

IG: @itshenrythebully
IG: @nika.jrt

2. A Ghost - another Halloween classic that - let's be honest - you really can't go wrong with. Scissors and an old bed sheet are all you need.

IG: @pnwaussholes

3. A Skeleton - Using non-toxic face paint is great for those dogs that may not tolerate wearing a costume. Let your inner artist shine!

IG: @lovemycityoftrees

4. A Beanie Baby - for the dog that is so cute, they're often mistaken as a toy.

IG: @charlie_the_standardpoodle

5. A Superhero - Supersonic bark? Lightening fast zoomies? Ability to disappear after chewing your shoes? Show off their superpower in this costume!

IG: @trudoglife

6. Grandma! Turn your Bulldog into a Babushka with a scarf and glasses.

7. A S'more - easy and friggin' adorable. What more can you ask for? All you need is a white dog t-shirt, brown felt, and cardboard.


8. A LITERAL Poop Factory! This one takes the cake in my opinion. Grab some cardboard, colored construction paper, and cotton balls for smoke, and your dog can turn into their namesake.

9. A Bat - Grab cardboard and paint, that's it! Attach it to their harness and watch them take over the night sky!

What costume will your dog be wearing this Halloween? Let me know!

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