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Sleepy Cotton Leash Review

Brand: Sleepy Cotton

Product: Upcycled Core Leash

Price: $39.95

Sizes Available: Small (for up to 15 lbs, 5 ft long and 3/8" thick) and M/L (for up to 80 lbs, 5 ft long and 1/2" thick)

Where To Purchase: www.sleepycotton.com

How I Discovered This Product: Since creating my Dog Mom In Training Instagram account, I have seen numerous dog accounts promoting the Sleepy Cotton brand and specifically their Upcycled Core Leashes. I LOVE this look and have been wanting to try it out since I discovered them back in March, so I decided to splurge a little more than I normally would on a leash and try it out. Luckily, they have many Brand Ambassadors so its easy to find a discount code to get their products slightly cheaper. I used code "millerthegoldy10" for 10% off - be sure to use this code (and check out his adorable instagram) to save some $ if you wanna try any of the Sleepy Cotton products!

Delivery/Shipping Time: Order confirmed on June 3rd --> Shipped on June 13th --> Arrived on June 20th. Felt like forever - I am not patient lol. The confirmation email said that it would take 7 business days to ship and it took an extra day or two, but wasn't a huge deal. Just know that these leashes take a decent amount of time to get to you, and their personalized products take even longer.

Features: Solid brass ring on the hand loop for poop bag dispenser; solid brass swivel snap hook; handcrafted and inspected before shipping; made of 100% up-cycled cotton yarns from the fashion industry; built for strength - size S can hold up to 100 lb of pulling force and M/L can hold up to 150 lbs of pulling force. Cotton also naturally has some elasticity, so it helps prevent neck injury - especially for little pups who are still developing.

First Impressions: SO. SOFT. Literally my first thought. I have owned rope leashes before and Ziggy is currently wearing a rope collar, so I figured it would be of the same texture, but this leash is WAY softer than any other rope product I have used. But those other products were not as expensive as this leash so luckily with the slightly higher price, you are getting a way better product. My other impression was that it was very bulky - yet light at the same time. The rope itself is really nice and light since its made of cotton but the knots at the top and bottom make it look/feel slightly bulky, so I was concerned about how it would feel during a walk. I like to wrap leashes around my hand for extra security when I walk Ziggy and I realized I wouldn't be able to do that with this leash since there is a large knot at the bottom of the hand loop.

After 2 Weeks of Use: I love this leash! It's light weight yet definitely feels very strong. It hasn't been very long, but there are no signs of fraying on the rope. If I notice it, I will update you guys. But fingers crossed. I think this leash is super reliable and safe while also so cute and comfortable to hold on long walks. If you are on the hunt for a rope leash, definitely give this leash a try! I do not think you will regret it. Although I mentioned that it costs a little more than I would normally spend on a leash, its definitely worth the money and I think it should last me a while.

Earth Friendly? Definitely. Not only is this leash made of up-cycled materials, you can also send back your old leash when its time for a new one, and they will give you a new one for 80% OFF!! Amazing. Also made of a no animal cruelty material. My favorite words to hear!

Cons: A little pricey (but not terrible), definitely not chew resistant, shipping takes a long time. If you like to wrap it around your hand like I do, it's not quite as easy as a typical leash but still doable (and honestly, more comfortable than my other leashes). Pictured below is how I worked by way around that hiccup:

To wrap it around your hand and avoid the knot, slip your hand through the loop, grab the leash just below the knot, then wrap it around your hand!

I'm interested to hear what you guys think of this company and their products! I love their mission and so far, it seems like their products are great quality - definitely recommend! Let me know if there are any other products you guys would like me to try out and review :)

**Not sponsored or an ad, just wanting to share my opinions with you guys!**

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