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Ziggy is a good boy 99% of the time. But that one day where he ran off a little too far was such a horrible and gut wrenching experience that I wouldn't wish upon anybody.

National Lost Dog Awareness Day is such an important day because nobody thinks it will happen to them - until it does. Even the most well behaved and well trained dogs have their moments! So Ziggy and I wanted to shed some light on a couple of the ways you can keep your dog safe today and everyday.

First, and we think most importantly, get yourself a Fi Dog Collar. This incredible little device tracks your dog's location and activity all day, everyday. It's basically an Apple Watch for your dog!

Using GPS and LTE, Fi is constantly picking up your dog's location and relays it to the app on your smartphone so you never have to wonder if your dog is safe ever again - just open up your phone and you'll know.

Not to mention, it has the longest battery life of any tracking collar on the market.

Our favorite feature is the Safe Zone Escape Alerts. Whenever your dog leaves the Safe Zone that you create (this could be your home, office, beach house, sitter's house, etc.) you will get a notification on your phone letting you know that they have escaped. So you can run out the door and grab them before they get too far. It's that easy.

Join the thousands of other pups that are staying safe with Fi and use code ZiggyFi25 to save $25 on a Fi collar for your escape artist.

While Fi is a great, proactive method of finding your dog, there are also various other things you can do to ensure you get your best friend back.

Make sure they have an ID tag on! Sounds so silly and obvious, but I've come across many dogs on the street that had a collar, but NO TAGS! Why, people - why?! Though you will more than likely find your dog in just a few minutes using a GPS collar, you want to make sure that if somebody else finds them before you, they know who to contact.

Ziggy has several ID tags from Rebel Dawg - because why not make your dog's tags as fabulous as they are :)

Rebel Dawg tags are fully customizable and they don't make that loud, annoying jingle sound like metal tags do.

You can click here to get a Rebel Dawg tag for your pooch and you'll save $10.

Another important step to take is to microchip your pet. And you may be asking yourself, "Why do I need a GPS collar AND a microchip? Isn't one or the other enough?"

The answer is no. And here's why:

  1. Though GPS collars are amazing and invaluable when it comes to finding your dog's exact location and guiding you towards them, they truth is, the battery will eventually die. And if you can't find your dog within time that the collar allows, your dog won't have any identity if they have no microchip or tag.

  2. Microchips can't fall off or break - so if all else fails and your collar or tag break and fall off, the microchip will still be there to identify your pet.

  3. Microchips last a lifetime. No charging and no software updates required! Microchips are always there for you.

  4. They're proof of ownership! There are bad people out there unfortunately, and it's easy for somebody to pick up a dog off the street and claim it's theirs after removing their collar and tags. But as soon as they are brought to the vet and they find a microchip - all is revealed when the true owners information is locked inside that tiny little chip.

Finally, reach out to your community. Flyers and Facebook and Instagram posts are great ways to get the attention of your community so they can help you search for your dog. There are also incredible groups, such as LARG (Lost Animal Resource Group) that can help you track them down through volunteers and community awareness.

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