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Must Explore: Kent Falls State Park

Take a step away from your busy, hectic life and take a trip to Kent Falls in Kent, Connecticut. Kent is nestled just north of Cornwall, which in my opinion, could easily be mistaken for the set of a Lifetime movie. Quaint and rural, and in the fall.... the foliage is to die for.

If you're traveling from Southwestern Connecticut, you'll follow scenic Route 7 all the way up. I suggest going early on a weekend or during the week, as this place does get busy pretty quickly. They do close the parking lot once it's filled, so you be sure to check @CTStateParks on Twitter for live updates about Connecticut State Parks.

What You'll See:

Once you arrive, you'll be greeted by the covered bridge, which locals know and love, and just a few steps farther is the 250-foot waterfall, which cascades down to join with the Housatonic River.

According to Connecticut's Official State Website, "The flow in the cascade at Kent is normally heaviest in the spring when the winter snow is melting. However, the falls can be dramatic at any time of the year, particularly after substantial rainstorms. Fall foliage season is also an excellent time to enjoy the area".

I visited in late October, which in that area, is just past peak fall season. Though leaves on trees were sparse, it was arguably even more magical to walk through trails of golden leaves, which were just starting to become crisp and crunchy.

Surrounding the falls are the red and yellow hiking trails - about 0.7 miles in length and rated easy on All Trails.

Must Know:

I won't lie to you - this is not the place to go if you're looking for a remote hike, or a challenging one either. On weekends especially, this place gets pretty packed, particularly around the falls. It's particularly crowded around the falls, but the trails are far more empty from my experience.

It's also important to note that although the path that surrounds the falls is very easy, it is quite steep as you ascend up the falls. This may not be ideal in slippery/wet conditions or for anybody in a wheelchair or with a physical disability.

Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on leash.

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