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Mother's Day Gift Guide - Spoil Your Favorite Dog Mama!

Mother's Day isn't just for moms to human kids - it's for the fur kid mamas too! Amidst the craziness and scariness of Coronavirus, it's more important now than ever to show the one's we love that we are here for them and love them. Here are my favorite products that I know are sure to bring a smile to every puppy mama's face!

For the On-the-Go Dog Mom:

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  1. LARQ Self-Cleaning and Purifying Water Bottle

  2. Mark & Graham Pet Tote - Lined interior with attached leash, pockets for poop bags and treats, and customizable!

  3. Rebel Dawg VIP Pup Luggage Tag - Customize with your contact info and make your bags stand out from the rest!

For the Mom Who Loves Fresh Flowers:

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  1. Venus et Fleur Eternal Roses - don't settle for flowers that die in a week... these last a YEAR!

  2. Beautiful Live Plants from The Sill - delivered right to your door.

For the Trendy Dog Mom:

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  1. Ari & M Demin "Good Vibes" Leash

  2. Ripley & Rue Matching Headband and Bandana Set - Can be customizes with your dog's name too!

  3. Lucy & Co. Dog Mom Hat

  4. Maison Miru "Mama" Necklace - in gold or silver.

  5. Tiny Zen Memory Custom Paw Print Necklace

  6. Rebel Dawg "Dog Mom AF" Keychain

For the Mom Whose Motto is "Treat Yo' Self"

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  1. Glossier Balm Dot Com Trio

  2. Milk Bar Cookie Tin - Choose your favorite flavors and have them delivered!

  3. Lush Gift Set

  4. Glossier Comfort Collection - featuring their BRAND NEW hand cream.

For the Dog Mom Who Has More Comfy Clothes Than Going Out Clothes:

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  1. Treat Dreams Comfort Colors "Dog Mom" Sweatshirt - 10% of profits are donated to animal rescues!

  2. Ripley & Rue "I Stalk Dogs on Instagram" T-Shirt

  3. Noble Friends Custom Sweatpants

For the Fit Dog Mom:

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  1. Canada Pooch Everything Fanny Pack - in black or camo.

  2. Fi Smart GPS Dog Collar - Use code ZiggyFi25 to save $25!

  3. Dog + Bone Adjustable Leash - Length is adjust between 3 and 6 feet and can be held in your hand or tied around your waist for hands-free adventures!

For the Dog Mom Who Loves Having Their Fur-Baby's Face on EVERYTHING!

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  1. For The Bold Custom Hand Painted Keychain

  2. Giflynn Design Custom Hand Painted Denim Jacket

  3. Noble Friends Custom Phone Case

  4. Hand Painted Custom Vans by Justin Miller

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