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Go Green with Your Pup!

When we think of going green and eco-friendly, our first thought is carpooling, using reusable water bottles, or not using plastic straws. But a lot of us forget to incorporate earth-friendly practices in our pet's lives too! So in honor of Earth Day on Monday, here are some easy but effective ways to reduce your canine's carbon footprint:

1. Use products that are made by companies that are dedicated to green, sustainable practices. These products could be made of recycled materials or they could be biodegradable - just look on the label!

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2. Make your own dog treats! Not only is it fun to use cute cookie cutters and experiment with different flavors, but it saves a TON of plastic packaging. It's something I certainly never thought of when purchasing treats, but those small bags really add up and just end up in landfills.

3. Groom your pup with natural products. Sure, that bottle of shampoo with the cute dog on the front smells great and promises a shiny coat, but did you know that many dog shampoos and conditioners are filled with chemicals that end up polluting the water after they go down the drain? Plus, many of those same chemicals can irritate your dog's skin (and who wants that??). So opt for products made from all natural ingredients! Bonus points if the container is eco-friendly too.

4. Don't toss your dog's old stuff! Found a better and prettier collar? No problem, donate the old one to a shelter or drop it off at a thrift store if it's in still in good condition! And imagine all the puppies whose tails will wag when they get a big donation of toys! Donating not only makes mother earth happy, but makes shelter dogs happy while they wait for their forever home. And those old bandana's that fido outgrew will really standout on a pup when people walk by looking for a pooch to adopt. It doesn't do anybody any good if your dogs old things are just sitting in a landfill.

5. Choose healthy and eco-friendly pet food brands. When choosing a kibble, look for 'certified organic' on the label, buy in bulk, and reduce their amount of beef consumption - it takes more water to produce beef products than other animal products. And if you use fresh dog food that is delivered to your home, choose companies that try to follow eco-friendly practices when possible. For example, The Farmer's Dog uses insulation that dissolves in water to keep their food cold during the shipping process!

I would love to know about any other eco-friendly practices that you and your dog follow each day! Happy belated Earth Day everybody :)

- The Dog Mom in Training

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