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Fostering a dog? You need this FREE download!

Ziggy and I love fostering dogs - it's all the joys of having a second dog without the medical expenses!

We have had the pleasure of meeting all of our foster dogs' new families before they left us and we always love talking about them and telling their family about our experiences together and what we have learned about them as their temporary family.

Since it can be hard to recall everything at once, I put together this simple and handy sheet to record all of your foster dog's must-knows! Telling the new family about their schedule, commands, likes, and dislikes will make the transition 100x easier for both the dog and their new parents. Just print it when you take in your foster dog and fill it out as you go - their new family will love knowing where they started and how they grow and progress throughout the years.

Click here to check out our FREE foster dog printable and other great freebies as well!

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