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Food So Good, You'll Want to Lick the Spoon....

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A topic I haven't talked much about is my struggle to find Ziggy the perfect food and diet. One of the hardest things about adopting a dog is figuring out what food is best and with so many options on the market, it's no easy task.

I tried a couple different kibble options and along with the fact that Ziggy refused to eat it 50% of the time, something didn't sit right with me. No way was feeding him the same processed kibble that has ingredients I can't even pronounce the best option. Then along came Ollie!

I started feeding Ziggy Ollie back in September for a bunch of reasons:

  1. It has fresh, quality ingredients I can see and trust

  2. Ollie gives him more energy

  3. Improved digestion

  4. Shinier, more beautiful coat

  5. Stronger bones

Another great thing about Ollie is that I never have to worry about Ziggy turning his nose at his food ever again - with 4 great recipes to choose from, you can switch up their food and keep mealtime interesting.

Food is the best preventative medicine there is - by feeding our dogs high quality, fresh food now, we are saving them from health issues down the road. And it doesn't hurt that Ziggy is obsessed with the taste!

You can learn more about Ollie and get 50% off your first box here.

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