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DIY Easter Fun for Fido!

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, spring is still a fun time to spoil your pup! With the warmer weather finally approaching, this is a great time for outside activities - like an Easter egg hunt!

An easy and quick Easter egg hunt just requires treats with a strong smell, plastic Easter Eggs that are large enough that your dog won't choke on them, and a large (preferably grassy) area! I used Performatrin Ultra Limited Freeze Dried Chicken Liver Treats to fill my dog, Ziggy's, eggs. They're low calorie, he goes CRAZY for them, and they definitely have a strong enough smell that he can find them hidden in the grass.

If you're worried about your dog eating the plastic eggs or want to do this interactive game without the Easter theme, just leave the treats in the grass without the plastic eggs!

Training Tip: If you are worried that your dog won't be interested in the Easter eggs or is skeptical of new things (like my dog is 90% of the time!), try teaching your dog the command 'Touch'. I recently taught this to Ziggy and he picked it up VERY quickly. Just hold out your hand and wait for your dog to touch it with their nose, then reward him/her with a happy "Good Touch" and a treat! You will be surprised how quickly they learn - then you can apply this command to the eggs. Just replace your hand with the egg and they will learn that if they touch the egg with their nose, they will get a yummy snack! This is especially good for dogs that are hesitant about approaching new things and this shows them that it's okay for them to approach and interact.

This game is great because it makes them think, problem solve, and use their sense of sight and smell, which burns energy and is great for bonding with your fur-baby.

And of course, I couldn't let Easter pass by without spoiling Ziggy with a fun Easter basket! Giving my dog gifts like this always make me so happy and it clearly makes him happy too! In Ziggy's Easter basket, I included:

  • FURminator deShedding Waterless Spray (perhaps a product review on this soon??)

  • Greenies Fresh Regular Size Dental Treats

  • Some Easter themed cookies from the Pet Valu bakery

  • Charming Pet Peek-A-Buds Giraffe

  • Fou-Stick Natural Calming Balm

  • DIY Dog Bandana

Of course, feel free to change up the treats in your pup's basket to your/their liking! I tried to get things that were fun for him but also helpful things that he needs. His adorable bandana was made by my friend, not me, but if you're into sewing, here's a helpful video to learn how to make your own!

Now hop on out of here and go spoil your pup - and send me pictures of your pooch and their Easter treats! Happy Easter and happy spring!

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