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Autumn is Here - Make Sure Your Dog is Ready!

We love summer and warm, sunny weather, but fall is by far our favorite season! Long hikes through the changing leaves, baking yummy pumpkin treats, and curling up on the couch with your pup - what's not to love?!

If you're like us, you're probably eager to get to all the fun fall activities, but make sure you and your dog are prepped and ready:

Daylight savings ends on November 1st this year, which means you may need to adjust your dog's schedule. Dogs are creatures of habit - throw that schedule off by one hour and their whole world is turned upside down! After you turn the clocks back, you may need to adjust what time you feed them and let them out for a bathroom break. This also means days are shorter, so be sure to get walks in before it gets dark.

Find a good jacket. It will be snowing before you know it, so make sure your dog has a warm jacket to get them through the season.

Ziggy loves his Casual Quilted Overall from Hurtta and his Expedition Coat from Canada Pooch.


For stylish pups, we also recommend the Teddy Vests from Lucy & Co.

Ticks are still around! Don't forget that flea and tick preventative. Myth: Ticks die off when the weather gets cold. Fact: Tick activity only decreases when the weather is before 35°F or the ground is covered in snow. For ticks to die, the temperature must be below 10°F for sustained number of days. So in short, keep up with your tick preventive year round!

Invest in some cozy bedding. Summer is great for cooling mats, but fall and winter are all about the fuzzy, warm blankets! You can choose to invest in a high-quality dog blanket, like this one from Orvis, or you can head to Target or any other home goods store and pick up a fleece blanket for them to curl up in.


Keep a light on. Whether you're at the office, or just heading out to dinner, leave a light on for your dog. It will start to get darker much earlier and keeping a light on for them will help keep them on the right schedule.

Keep your fall favorites out of reach. Apples and pumpkins are fair game for fido, but mums and Halloween candy are big no-nos. If your dog does get into either of these things, call your vet immediately.


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