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Are Raw Duck Necks Safe for Dogs?

Yes! And not only that, they're amazing for your dog's overall health and wellness. Even if your dog does not regularly eat a raw diet, they can still enjoy the delicious benefits of raw meaty bones on occasion.

What's the hype about?

There are so many benefits to including raw meaty bones into your dog diet, including:

  1. They act as a natural toothbrush - the small, pliable bones in poultry necks are great for cleaning your dog's teeth and gums. And cleaner teeth = better breath.

  2. They contain glucosamine & chondroitin - both of these elements work together to keep your dog's joints in tip top shape!

  3. They are a great source of vitamin B3

  4. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids - great for cognitive function in older dogs and research has shown that it helps with canine arthritis!

How should I feed duck necks to my dog?

Raw is the best way to go! Bones of any type should never be fed cooked, as the bones can splinter and become a choking hazard.

Duck necks are purchased as one big piece and your dog can start chomping away just as you would with a stick of beef jerky. For non-raw feeders, giving your dog uncooked meat with small bones may sound scary, but completely safe and the bone are fully digestible!

If you purchase them frozen, be sure to thaw them properly - overnight in the refrigerator should do the trick. Since it is raw meat, never leave it at room temperature to thaw, as this can cause spoilage or bacteria growth. Once thawed, feed it to your pup within a couple of days.

You can also purchase freeze dried duck necks, like these ones from Vital Essentials.

Where can I buy raw duck necks?

This depends - if you feed your dog Darwin's like I do, then you can add a package of duck necks to your order for just $9.99. This comes out to about $0.80 per neck, so it's a very cheap yet healthy and filling treat!

If you don't subscribe to Darwin's meal plans, then unfortunately, these won't be available to you, but there are various other sellers online that will ship them right to your door, such as Raw Paws.

If you're lucky enough, local butchers may also sell them to you if they have no other need for them! This all depends on availability and they may not always have them on hand, but it's a great option for fresh-as-can-be raw treats.

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