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36 Things To Do While #SocialDistancing

Over a week into our quarantine and Ziggy and I are starting to go just a little stir crazy.....

If you're like us right now (and I really hope you are), you have been practicing #SocialDistancing and have barely left your house. We are craving our everyday, normal life and are running out of inside activities! We put together a list of some of the fun activities we've been doing to keep our mind busy during this craaaaaazy time.

  • Bake something. Cookies, cake, brownies, pie.... it really is therapeutic.

  • Treat yourself and your dog. Buy yourself that nice bottle of wine. Forget about calories for a day. Give your dog that big bone you've been saving for him. Treat. Yo. Self.

  • Make a fancy dinner. Take a break from the basic bowl of pasta or salad - look up a new recipe and spend some time whipping up something delicious. Add something to your dog's dinner too - here's a list of foods that are safe for dogs that you can add as a special garnish to their dinner as well.

  • Learn something new. A new language, piano, photography - whatever it is, just go for it!

  • Create something beautiful. Believe me, I am no Picasso. But I love channeling my inner (amateur) artist. This custom paint by number is a super easy way to create a beautiful, professional looking painting of someone or something you love! (Obviously, I will be ordering one of Ziggy.)

  • Watch a classic movie.

  • Doga. Yep, dog yoga. Look up some yoga videos online and let your dog join you. It might result in some relaxing mediation, or it might result in laughter as your dog just tries to play with you and lick your face. Either works.

  • Let your dog take you for a walk. Instead of planning where you will walk your dog, let them lead the way and follow wherever they pull towards!

  • Foster a dog. Rescues are always in need of our help, whether that means donating, volunteering, or fostering. Use this time you will be spending at home to care for a dog while they wait for their forever family and help the rescues continue their amazing work!

  • Teach your dog a new trick. My goal is to teach Ziggy "Who's your best friend"! Puppr is one of the best tools to teach your dog new tricks.

  • Break a bad habit. Whether it's your dog barking at the door or you always piling clothes on that one chair, kick those habits out the door.

  • Go for a long drive with no clear destination and discover new music or a new podcast.

  • Retail therapy. Support small businesses by online shopping for yourself or getting an e-gift card for a friend! Some small dog businesses that Ziggy and I love are Le Shoob, Rebel Dawg, and Treat Dreams.

  • Adult coloring book. Challenging coloring books are actually super fun and relaxing! In college, I used to love using them as a break while studying to help clear my mind for 15-minutes. Here's a great dog themed one :)

  • Spend more time outside. Play fetch with your dog, sit on a bench near the water or in a park (as long as your town allows it), or get started on your spring garden.

  • Start watching that new show that everybody's been talking about.

  • Board games and puzzles. My family's first quarantine purchases were Rummikub, Clue, and two 1000-piece puzzles. Here's hoping that lasts us the next couple of weeks.

  • Make a brain game for your dog. Here's a DIY snuffle mat for example! And a quick Pinterest search will give you tons of other ideas as well. Brain games are fun and burn energy on days that your dog doesn't get enough time outside.

  • Wash your dog's toys. Because honestly, when's the last time you did that? Here's a guide to washing different types of toys.

  • Pamper your pup. Give them a good brushing, scrub away the dirt, massage in some conditioner, cut their nails, and brush their teeth. Finish with lots of pets and treats.

  • Order plants and flowers to brighten up your space! One of my favorite shops, The Sill, just released a bunch of beautiful, bright orchids for spring. Yes please.

  • Take an online class. Brit & Co. is one of the many websites that is offering free or discounted classes to help you learn something new!

  • Make homemade paw salve. Winters can be rough on little paws. Using just a few ingredients, you can make a soothing and softening salve to bring those paw pads back from their winter blues. Here's a great and simple recipe!

  • Deep clean your home. Clean your make up brushes, wipe down light fixtures, scrub the stove and oven, and shampoo your rugs. This is a great room-by-room list of items to clean when you have an extra hour or 5 on your hands.

  • Give yourself a mani-pedi. Go a little crazy and throw some polish on you pup's toes too. It's a quarantine - anything goes.

  • Schedule regular virtual coffee dates with friends and family. Despite what you may think, your social life does not have to die! FaceTime with friends and family over breakfast, lunch, or dinner and invite fido along to say hi too.

  • Drive to a scenic trail you've been meaning to check out. Be sure to check your local guidelines and park closures, but if there's a hiking trail near you that you haven't had time to explore, now's your chance!

  • Find new friends on Instagram. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through all of my social media apps, I've been spending more time trying to seek out new accounts that I love! I love discovering new people and their dogs, as well as all the talent that these creators have to share with the world. Throw them some love with a like and a comment and they might just do the same for you too.

  • Rearrange your furniture. I can't be the only one who feels like a new person whenever they move furniture around! We love change around here.

  • Order a monthly gift for your dog. It's like Christmas every month - they love the goodies and we love the adorable themes! Our favorites are BarkBox and Real Dog Box.

  • Make homemade dog treats. Pick up a copy of Healthy Homemade Dog Treats from Pretty Fluffy and get cookin'.

  • Brighten somebody's day with an act of kindness. We can all use some extra love right now - it's a scary time filled with uncertainty. Write a letter, have food delivered to your friend's house, offer to buy coffee for the person behind you at the drive through, or help an elderly person at the supermarket. You might be helping them in ways you can't even imagine.

  • Start a journal. Whenever I am overwhelmed with emotion, stress, or anxiety, I like to take a few quiet moments to write in my journal. Sometimes I express how I am feeling and thinking, and sometimes I just copy down an inspiring quote I came across recently. Just write whatever will help bring you back down to earth.

  • Download Grubhub, Seamless, Postmates, or Uber Eats and support your local restaurants. Because we are all missing our go to meal from that place around the corner. Plus, they can use a little extra love during this difficult time.

  • Buy your dog a Kong and fill it with treats! Ziggy looooves his Kong - I normally fill it with treats, some kind of cut up fruit, and then seal it off with peanut butter. I also suggest filling them with peanut butter or bone broth and freezing it overnight for an extra challenge!

  • STAY HOME. We know - it sucks. But it's the absolute best thing you can do to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Normalcy will return soon - stay positive, people!

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